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VI International Conference Anti-Money Laundering and Against the Financing of Terrorism
July 07 and 08, 2010


Reasons to subscribe

1.- You will have the best experience of professional motivation about prevention and control of this problem.

2.- Because it’s a complete success which every year exceedes the participants expectations.

3.- You will discover the profits of have direct contact with more than 600 people, very interested in this matter, using the law and new methods to avoid it.

4.- You will realize why we are the world qualified experts as an “excellent” conference.

5.- You’ll know and participate in our Typologies segment, about the most recent cases about money laundering.

6.-You’ll learn to discover an employee who is involved in inappropriate activities, and to be warned of the enema of your company. Discover how to watch and train your employees

7.- You’ll receive from specialists, the right and useful strategies for stockbrokers, insurance companies, investment founds, money transfer firms and many things else, against money laundering.

8.- You will know new international legislative rules and he last recommendations and decisions taken by GAFI; ONU; FMI; World Bank and European Union.

9.- You will learn to love an excellent anti Money laundering program, praiseworthy by regulators

10.- And, first of all, you will learn as much as your company, to avoid been used to uncover founds from illegal source.

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