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International Conference Anti-Money Laundering and Against the Financing of Terrorism
May 5 and 6, 2011
Hotel Paradisus Punta Cana - Dominican Republic


The Conference that unites the world against money laundering

Reasons to subscribe

1. You will have the best experience of professional motivation about the prevention and control of money laundering

2. Because is a total success that every year exceed the participant expectations

3. You will discover the benefits of being in contact with more than 600 interest people in this subject

4. You will learn how to discover employees involved in criminal activities and to be alert of the “enemy inside your company”, Discover how to monitoring and train your employees.

5. You will confirm why we are qualified by the experts around the world as an “excellent” Conference

6. You will know and participate in our typologies sessions of recent money laundering cases

7. You will receive from experts the useful strategies for stockbrokers, insurance companies, mutual funds, money transfer business, among other to prevent money laundering

8.You will know the latest AML international legislations and the newest recommendations and other measures taken by FATF, UN, IMF, World Bank and the EU.

9. You will learn how to create an excellent and effective AML program

10. And above all, this conference will teach you and your company how to avoid being used by criminal organizations.

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