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July 11 & 12 2007


Deicy López

Attorney for Simulated Trials and Investigation Plan, as well as the Legal Assistance Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAPLAC), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). She is a graduate form the Gran Colombia University and the Libre University of Bogota. She obtained her Specialization in Criminal Law and Criminology, as well as her Masters Degree in Criminal Law and Criminology. She has practised as a: -Regional Prosecutor; - Delegated Prosecutor to the Specialized Circuit Criminal Judges; - Chief of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office Preliminaries’ Unit; - Legal Assistant of the Regional Direction of Prosecutor’s Offices of Bogota; - Judiciary Assistant of the Bogotá Chapter Law and Order Direction; - Development of the project for the restructuring of the Prosecutor’s Office Regional Directions Arrangement of Special Units; - Monitor for the Special Judges and Prosecutors Training Program; - Securities Superintendent’s Office Advisor.

Best practices in AML Investigation planning.

Margaret O'Brien, CAMS.
Puerto Rico

O’Brien is President of AMLUSA Inc. a company dedicated to helping banks and governmental institutions in their efforts to abide by anti-money laundering laws. She is a lawyer who specializes in the creation and implementation of pre-emptive programs that meet the standards of the U.S. Patriot Act, as well as, those recommended by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC.) She also worked with FirsBank, Puerto Rico as a Bank Secrecy Law Official, and Manager of the Money Laundering Prevention Department at Banco Santander in Puerto Rico.

US Patriot Act international effects and consequences.

Fernando José De Candia Ochoa

He obtained his B.A in Business Administration from the Simon Rodriguez University in Caracas, Venezuela. He completed graduate studies in Administrative Sciences at the Central de Venezuela University and Business Management at the Santa Maria University, areas on which he has been a lecturer. He has a professional experience of over 20 years in the Venezuelan Financial System, in public as well as private institutions; he is the current president of the National Securities Commission (CNV for Comisión Nacional de Valores) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

CNV’s role in the fight against Money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Heiromy Castro
Dominican Republic

Economist, MBA, Graduate Studies on Financial Administration and Strategic Planning. With his 17 years of experience in the financial sector, he is now an Advisor for the Banks Superintendent’s Office of the Dominican Republic, institution that he also represents in the National Committee against Money Laundering. He is a Professor of Economics at the Santo Domingo Catholic University, has been the Director of the Banks Superintendent’s Office Financial Intelligence Department, Financial Evaluator attached to the GAFIC (Panama, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and El Salvador), Instructor attached to the GAFIC, International lecturer, “Institucionalidad y Justicia” Foundation Anticorruption Policies Advisor, DPK “Justicia y Gobernabilidad”, USAID and “Participacion Ciudadana”, Inc. Besides he is a co-author of the books “Aspectos Dogmáticos, Criminológicos y Procesales del Lavado de Activos” (Dogmatic, Criminologic and Procedural Aspects of Money Laundering) and “El Lavado de Activos un Nuevo Modelo de Investigación” (“Money Laundering, a new model of investigation)

Financial Investigation in money laundering cases (risk management).

Alejandro Jesús Rebolledo, CAMS.

Mr. Rebolledo is a Lawyer graduated from Santa Maria University specialized in Criminal Law. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and a doctorate in Judicial Sciences with a Criminal Law concentration. He is an undergraduate and graduate professor at Santa Maria University and earned a CAMS certification. He was a Special consultant for the Investigation Committee on Money Laundering and Corruption at the former Venezuelan Congress (now National Assembly). He is Executive Coordinator of the National Commission against the Illegal Use of Drugs. He is an instructor for the CAMS Exam. He has been an international lecturer about Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and other related issues. He is consults for several public and private companies. He is certified by the National Anti-Drugs Office under No: 001

Non Financial Businesses, new haven for money launderers.

Sandra Hernández Camacho, CAMS.

Ms. Hernandez is an Operative AML and Anti-Terrorism Financing Compliance and Prevention Specialist for the 10 companies of the INBURSA Financial Group (IFG). She developed the Comprehensive System for the Detection and Monitoring of Unlawful Operations and the Comprehensive System for the Classification of Clients in Levels of Risk. She deals with the requirements and Inspections of regulatory entities as well as internal and external audits for each one of the companies of IFG. She participates with the Mexican authorities on the implementation of best practices on this subject.

Ideal hideouts for PEPs (private banks, real state, etc).

Marc Andrew Alix, CAMS
United States of America

International Consultant with a vast experience on regulatory subjects and technological operations. At present he provides his consulting services about the USA Patriot Law, Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC, amongst others, in Dominion Advisory Group. Previously, he held the position of Compliance Vice-president of the Dominican Banco Popular in New York, where he assured the bank’s compliance of US Federal and State rules and regulations. Amongst the works he did in the bank stands out the creation of compliance programs based on the Internet for e-banking–including the opening of accounts- and the supervision of a remittances business.

Requirements and elements of a US Patriot Act compliant program.

Emilio Negrón ,CAMS.

He is a graduate in Public Accounting from the Central de Venezuela University, former Bank Superintendent’s official and other financial institutions. His most recent positions were: Inspection Director, Financial Control and Analysis Director, Deputy Bank Superintendent, Acting Bank Superintendent, Auditor, Bank and Financial Institutions Liquidator. He has been a Vice-president and Board Secretary of the Deposits Guarantee and Bank Protection Fund (FOGADE), as well as consultant for Venezuela’s Central Bank in the 1991-1992 banking reform process. He has developed consulting services in the Latin American Monetary Studies Center based in Mexico, the InterAmerican Development Bank and some of the regulatory and bank supervision entities in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a Costs Accounting, Financial Law, Banking Firms Financial Statements Analysis and Financial Institutions Analysis Professor for the Central de Venezuela University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Courses as well as a Bank Supervision and Risk Analysis Associate Professor in the Banking.

Strategic view in money laundering risks.

Gladys M. Castellano, CAMS.
Puerto Rico

She has a 15 years experience n banking as a Compliance Officer and Corporate Level Compliance Director. She runs her own Consulting Firm in matters related to the Bank Secrecy Act, anti-money laundering and regulations.
She attended the well-know Graduate School of Compliance Management and the National Compliance School offered by the American Banking Association (ABA).
Since she associated to ACAMS, takes part as an active member of different Taskforces: the Education Taskforce, Publications Taskforce, Taskforce for the Caribbean, ACAMS Annual Meeting Taskforce and Taskforce for the translation of the ACAMS test to Spanish in 2003 and 2007. She participates as a chairperson and speaker in ACAMS Annual Conferences, and instructor in test preparation seminars in the USA, Canada, Venezuela and Europe. She organized and coordinated seminars related to bank fraud and Anti-Money Laundering together with FBI and IRS-CI officers for members of the Puerto Rican Authorized Public Accountants Association (CPA).

Suspicious Activities and Compliance Reports.

Roger Bonet

He has a Bsc in Mathematics from the Central de Venezuela University. Since 1970 he has participated in important IT projects including Management and Control Software and special developments connected to banking and e-commerce. He is the Occam product director for money laundering and financing of terrorism prevention. He has been a member of IBM’s Advisory Council for Latin America, as well as a member of Venezuela’s Statistics and Informatics Central Office Advisory Committee, President of the Information and Telecommunications Technologies Committee of Venamcham (Venezuelan-American Chamber) and the director of the Venezuelan Data Chamber. At present he presides the Telecommunications, Information Technologies and E-Commerce Commission of the International Commerce Chamber, ICC-Venezuela Chapter. He is also Director of the Electronic Commerce Chamber. He is president and founding-partner of Eniac Group, Information Technology Firms Corporation, which includes Eniac Corporation in Puerto Rico, Xopan Tech in México and Eniac in Venezuela.

Reason, Justification and Implementation of AML-ATF Systems: beyond compliance; Economical and organizational considerations.

Jorge Luciani Gutiérrez, CAMS

Luciani is a lawyer, graduated from the Andres Bello Catholic University (UCAB) in Caracas. He specialized in Business Law in 1989 (UCAB). He has published several book including: “Norms about Money Laundering in Venezuela” (1995), “Norms against Money Laundering in the Venezuelan Financial System” (1997) and “ Understanding the norms against Money Laundering in the Venezuelan Financial System” (1997) . He is a professor at the Graduate Business Law of the UCAB since 1998, teaching Banking Law and Money Laundering Prevention in Venezuela. In 1998 he was awarded the order “Dr. Cesar Naranjo Osty, the highest recognition given by the CONACUID (National Commission against the Wrongful Use of Drugs). Between 1999 and 2000 he was designated auditor by the National Asset Commission and liquidator by the stock bureaus Promiferca, Merfin and Cavendes Assets. In 2006 he was certified expert in anti-money laundering by the ACAMS. He has also taught at the Metropolitan University, Caracas, and is a partner at Araque, Reyna, Sosa, Viso & Pittier.

Money-Laundering Prevention Activities and the Right to Privacy.

Milton Terán

Police Investigator Specialist in Money laundering cases, graduated in 1997 from the National Police Academy as a Police Officer. He is also a Lawyer graduated from Aquino University, Bolivia, with a Thesis about Money Laundering which obtained Academic Excellence. He has 3 post-graduate degrees: Diploma in Higher Education, Diploma in Forensic Auditing, Diploma in Car Robbery investigation, OAS/CICAD money laundering and anti-terrorism financing Certificated Instructor, 3rd. Bolivian Representative in the police Taskforce GETEPOL of GAFISUD, graduate from the American Community Regional School of Anti-drug-trafficking Intelligence ERCAID Lima-Peru as a Financial Intelligence Analyst, Conference speaker as well as National and International Trainer on money laundering and financing of terrorism investigation techniques, Financial Investigation Professor for graduate courses in Franz Tamayo University, promoter of reforms and new bills of law in matters related to money laundering in different commissions in Bolivia, 10 years of experience in financial investigation. He was awarded the Gold Emblem of the Special Force Against Drug-Trafficking, the highest award given by the Drug Enforcement Authorities in Bolivia. Mr. Teran has also received several distinctions by Bolivia’s National Police.

Prosecution of International Money Laundering cases within the Framework of each state internal law.
(International precautionary measures, application of international agreements, suggestions to effectively attack international criminal organizations with a view to a real seizure of assets with unlawful origins or ends).

Harry Madden, CAMS.

Lawyer graduated from the Santa Maria University. He is a member of the Venezuelan Banks Association’s Money Laundering Prevention Committee as well as VenAmCham’s Money Loss Prevention and Control Committee. He is and Advisor of the Institute for Professional Studies and Chacao Police Academy in Money Laundering Prevention. He is the Prevention and Control Vicepresident at Inverunion Commercial Bank and its companies, where he created the Unit, designed and Planned prevention strategies, applied new rules and regulations established by the financial activities regulatory entities, analyzed financial operations, analyzed and interpreted laws, he was an advisor in fraud and money laundering prevention, international relations and with the government as well as staff direction and supervision. He also created the Manager’s Office for Financial Risks Evaluation, Bank Fraud investigation and Analysis, Accounting Processes Application, Financial operation Analysis, Customer Relations, Bank and Assets Policies Management and Control, Insurance Claim Recovery, Loss Analysis and Control. Besides he is an Anti-Fraud and AML Coordination and Planning instructor.

Money Laundering Typology

Nahyr González Quiroz.

She graduated as an Economist in the Santa Maria University, and also completed graduate studies in Finance. She was the Internal Comptroller of the Banks Superintent’s Office; controlled the supervision of the Comprehensive Money Laundering Prevention System; inspected the financial economic situation of Exchange Businesses and was the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Manager in Bancaribe. She was trained in Forensic Auditing & Legal investigation and by the Americas’ Supervisors Association as well as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for the evaluation in this matter. She also participated in the training done by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force on Country AML/AFT Evaluation Methods, to be used in the evaluation of member countries of this group. She was a speaker in the First Forum for GAFISUD (South American Financial Action Task Force) Financial Supervisors. He was part of the organizing team of the Typologies Exercise 2003, done in the Banks Superintent’s Office with the support of the Venezuelan Banking Association, Exchange Businesses, Embassies and Public Institutions.

Money Laundering Typology

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