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Alejandro Rebolledo and Associates Law Firm

Corporative: Alejandro Rebolledo and Associates Law Firm is managed by Alejandro Rebolledo who is Doctor of Law and former adviser of the Venezuelan Congress Special Commission which investigated money laundering and corruption inside the financial system in that country, getting excellent results by finding former president Carlos Andres Perez joint accounts.
International lecturer with 15 years of experience as a investigator of crimes related to organized crime; former Criminal Court judge; adviser and consultant for companies of the private and public sector on money laundering prevention. Alejandro is the Manager of Alejandro Rebolledo and Associates Law Firm and he is also partner and founder of IDAED
Expertise: Lawsuit. We have experience in various judicial, civil areas and financial investigations related to fraud, corruption, financial crimes and other acts related to organized crime. Consulting and advising.

We count with an exclusive group of lawyers, experts in different areas of law and international advising.

Contact us: Phone numbre +58 0212 9526096, 9520384. Caracas, Venezuela. Address: Tamanaco and Venezuela Avenue. IMPRES Building, Mezzanine 2, Office 12, El Rosal. Caracas. Venezuela.
Web page: www.alejandrorebolledo.com
E-mail me: alejandrorebolledo@yahoo.com
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