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US: State releases more tapes against Nogales' mayor
Publicado el Oct 27, 2010

On Monday a judge ruled the state can release more tapes in a corruption case against the mayor of Nogales. And Tuesday, the state did just that.
Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia Von Borstel is charged with bribery, theft, money laundering and fraud. The Arizona Attorney General's office says it has audio and video evidence to prove it.

The tapes appear to show Nogales' mayor asking for and accepting money from a businessman in exchange for helping him win contracts.

The following excerpts come from a July 21 meeting between the two men.

Mayor: I just need $4,000 to get him off my back. But I will pay for that. Alright, I mean I need you to pay me. But then subtract it from next month and next month. Just so I can get him off my back.

Businessman: Okay.

Mayor: Does that make sense?

Businessman: Yeh, this is going good.

So far prosecutors have released nine audio tapes which they say show the contractor regularly giving the mayor $2,000 checks.

During the meeting, the businessman told the mayor:

Businessman: What I'm justifying is my consulting time. Okay? Because we'd both get our *** in a ringer and I don't want to.

Mayor: Right, right.

During this particular meeting, the mayor appears to ask for more money than usual. The businessman appears to say he doesn't have it.

Businessman: Next week {are} we good for some money again?

Mayor: Next week, what?

Businessman: At the beginning of the week, some more money?

Mayor: For what?

Businessman: Another 2,000.

Mayor: No, no that's what I'm saying. If I can get at least 4,000 today, okay, to get these guys off my back...

Businessman: There's no way I can do that today.

Mayor: Can you do anything?

Businessman: No, I'm waiting for checks all this week right now.

Mayor: Okay.

The defense attorney representing Nogales' mayor has no comment. Chris Scileppi says he hasn't thoroughly reviewed the tapes and wants to wait until then to react.

The mayor has said he did nothing wrong.

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