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US: Forensic accountant on Tom Delay's Trial: PAC didn't have enough money without funds swap
Publicado el Nov 17, 2010

Tuesday, a forensic accountant testified that former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay's political action committee did not have enough funds raised from individuals in its account to make donations to GOP candidates in September of 2002 unless it swapped corporate money within the Republican National Committee.

Marshall Vogt, who is a senior forensic analysist within the Travis County District Attorney's Office told jurors of his review of the records in the money laundering case. Testifying that the most money contributed by individual donations that Texans for a Republican Majority, or TRMPAC, contained in the bank was $107,074 in February 2002.

When it came time to fund general election candidates in the fall of that year, TRMPAC only had $67,129 from donations made by individuals. Vogt told jurors that in reviewing TRMPAC'S financial records, he found $190,000 that was listed as being “soft campaign contributions.”

Corporate campaign contributions are known as being soft money. Under Texas law, it is illegal for corporate money to go directly to campaigns in this manner. Delay's defense told jurors that the labeling was just a mistake, and no corporate funds exchanged hands with contributors.

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