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Nigeria: £26.5 million from money launderer
Publicado el June 09, 2011

Jersey News.- Jersey's Royal Court has issued a confiscation order for just over £26.5 million from a convicted money launderer. Raj Bhowani was sentenced to six years imprisonment in June last year for laundering money in Jersey. Jersey's Attorney General hopes the order will send out a clear message the island will deal seriously with such offences.

Mr Bhojwani was also ordered to pay a substantial contribution towards the costs of the prosecution. In a statement, the States' Law Officers' Department, said: "The outcome of today’s case represents the last chapter in a long and ultimately successful investigation into serious money laundering in Jersey performed by Mr Bhojwani.

Mr Bhojwani was found guilty after a lengthy trial. A subsequent appeal by Mr Bhojwani against his conviction was unsuccessful. The case arose out of an investigation into the activities of General Sani Abacha, the former President of Nigeria. Discussions are now likely to take place with the government of Nigeria regarding the repatriation of some of the confiscated funds, which are held in Jersey. Around $170 million connected with the Abacha investigations has already been returned by Jersey to the Nigerian authorities as part of previous asset sharing agreements.


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