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Bulgaria: Football Club Owner indicted for Money Laundering, Human Trafficking
Publicado el Oct. 20th 2008

The owner of Bulgaria's football club Spartak - Varna, Ivan Slavkov, was indicted by Prosecutors Monday for money laundering and human trafficking charges. Slavkov, who is a councilor from the Turkish Ethnic Party in the municipal council in the seaside city of Varna, was also charged with drugs possession and incitement to prostitution. He had escaped to Turkey on September 29th, just hours before authorities started the special operation against organized crime that resulted in his indictment. A few weeks after he went back Bulgaria after a gall bladder surgery procedure. The charges were announced by the defendant's lawyer Branimir Balachev in an interview for Darik Radio. "Slavkov is in poor health condition but doctors declared he could be on life support while in custody," Balachev explained. The municipal councilor will be put behind bars for 72 hours immediately after being discharged from the hospital he is currently taken to.
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