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UK: Property Tycoon and Ex-Football Team Director Arrested for Money Laundering
Publicado el Oct. 21st 2008

A leading West Yorkshire property developer and tycoon Simon Morris, has been arrested as part of a police investigation during a series of raids by police investigating conspiracy to fraud and money laundering allegations. Simon Morris, a 30-year-old former director of Leeds United was arrested at his home in Scarcroft, to the north of Leeds. Detectives from West Yorkshire Police's economic crime unit detained Mr Morris and seven people were arrested this morning during raids across West Yorkshire and the West Midlands, another one was arrested early tuesday afternoon. Mr Morris's luxury home in Ling Lane, Scarcroft, is understood to be one of a number of addresses targeted by members of West Yorkshire Police's Organised Crime section. A spokeswoman for the force refused to identify the people in custody, "We will not identify any person who has been arrested until such time as they may be charged”, he said, but the Yorkshire Post was able to confirm that Mr Morris was among those arrested. Police officers dressed in blue protective suits were seen entering and leaving Mr Morris's home at breakfast time. It is understood that officers with warrants from West Yorkshire Police went down to the West Midlands area to carry out the raids and detain the two suspects. A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "West Yorkshire Police have today arrested 6 people in West Yorkshire and two in West Midlands in connection with an ongoing money laundering and conspiracy to defraud investigation. "Three men from Leeds, three men from Bradford, and a man and a woman from Wolverhampton are currently in police custody being interviewed by detectives. Though the raids were reportedly not connected to this matter, investors have been locked in a legal battle with the Leeds property tycoon for some time. At 10am two police sniffer dogs were sent into the property. One of the dogs was used to carry out checks in the garden.
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