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The EU points its guns at cyber criminals
Publicado el Aug. 9, 2012

Reports from a leading European law enforcement body has said that the EU is going on the offensive against cyber criminals instead of relying on expensive defensive measures.

Europol, which will launch its new cyber crime centre in just months, said there was now a need for governments to invest in catching those behind the multi-billion pound problem.

Troels Oerting, the agency's assistant director, warned that cyber security had become a "very costly and inefficient game of defence".

"We need to invest more in catching the perpetrators and make it unattractive to commit crime in cyberspace."

Oerting, head of the new European Cybercrime Centre, said the body already had clear direction. Its primary task will be assisting member states in "preventing, disrupting, investigating and prosecuting cyber crime".

"We - as a society - are losing valuable data, money, ideas, innovation and private information every day," he said.

"Together we need to find a way to stop this from happening".

The new centre will provide operational support and co-ordinate intelligence within the EU.

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