"The conference that unites the world against the money laundering"

Join us in the most important Latin-American event on Money Laundering Prevention and counter terrorism financing. 

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We invite you to be part of our participants in the II International Conference on Anti-Money Laundering and Against the Financing of Terrorism 2012 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

AML/CTF compliance professionals from the financial sector and non financial businesses, besides representatives from different industries such as cooperative, lawyers and real estate agents will gather on July 5 and 6, 2012 to received from the best experts of the region the elements and techniques they required to strength the fight against this problematic.

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Our organization leader worldwide will put together the lectures of major impact around the world to set out on diverse critical points and subjects, the most updated requirements that allow our participants to be part of the change, receive an effective training from which they can get the greatest benefits in their respective area of expertise.

Reasons to attend:

1.- You will have the best experience of professional motivation about prevention and control of this problem.

2.- Because it’s a complete success which every year exceedes the participants expectations.

3.- You will discover the profits of have direct contact with more than 600 people, very interested in this matter, using the law and new methods to avoid it.

4.- You will realize why we are the world qualified experts as an “excellent” conference.

5.- You’ll know and participate in our Typologies segment, about the most recent cases about money laundering.

6.-You’ll learn to discover an employee who is involved in inappropriate activities, and to be warned of the enemy in your company. Discover how to watch and train your employees

7.- You’ll receive from specialists, the right and useful strategies for stockbrokers, insurance companies, investment founds, money transfer firms and many things else, against money laundering.

8.- You will know new international legislative rules and he last recommendations and decisions taken by GAFI; ONU; FMI; World Bank and European Union.

9.- You will learn to love an excellent anti Money laundering program, praiseworthy by regulators

10.- And, first of all, you will learn as much as your company, to avoid been used to uncover founds from illegal source.

Contact us and reserve as soon as possible your spot in the most important Conference in Latin-America.

Improve your understanding, expand your compliance capacity and effectiveness.  


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