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"The conference that unites the world against the money laundering, the risk and fraud in the means of payment" 


The money laundering and the risks and frauds aren´t recent facts that we are worried for. 

That´s why we must ask ourselves: What changed in the last years that made this become so important to the regulatory entities, financial entities and other private and public organizations and institutions?   
The answer to this question is in you: Join us to the most important Latin American event of the region in the preventive matter of money laundering, against the risk and fraud in the means of payment.

Become one of our participants in the “VIII International Conference Anti-money Laundering against the Risks and Frauds”, that will take place in August 1st and 2nd in the Eurobuilding Hotel. Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


There a group of financial, trade and industry professionals will gather to receive, of the best experts in the region, the tools and techniques they need to strengthen the fightagainst money laundering, with special emphasis on risk and fraud in means of payment, innovative topics of particular attention from regulators, banks and consultants, to cover them from the cultural to the most specific and technical, like the methodologies that avoid its quantification.


Our world-leading organization invites you to be part of the change, to receive an effective training from which you can make the best of it, within your respective position. Much has happened in recent times worldwide in the field of prevention of moneylaundering, risk management and fraud: changes in legislation on corporate governance, regulatory developments, massive scams, as well as several publicly known problems, associated with the failure of organizations, companies and other business organizations, with events of great magnitude by the volume of caused losses. All this leads to a greater concern for risk management in general and in fraud in particular.

Reasons to attend:

1. You´ll have the best professional motivation experience in prevention and control of money laundering, risk and fraud in means of payment and other financial activities. 

2. Because it’s a complete success which every year exceedes the participants expectations.

3. You will discover the profits of have direct contact with more than 600 people, very interested in this matter, using the new legislation, new methods and the tools to avoid it.

4. You will realize why our conferences are world qualified as “excellent”.

5. You’ll know and participate in our Typologies segment, about the most recent cases about money laundering, risk and financial fraud.

6. You’ll learn to discover an employee who is involved in inappropriate activities, and to be warned of the enemy inside your company. Discover how to watch and train your employees.

7. You’ll receive from specialists, the right and useful strategies for stockbrokers, insurance companies, investment founds, money transfer firms and many other things.

8. You will know new international legislative regulations and he last recommendations and decisions taken by GAFI, ONU, IMF, World Bank and European Union.

9. You will learn to love an excellent AML, Anti-Risk and Anti-Fraud program praise worthy by regulators.

10. And, above all, you will learn as much as your company, to avoid been used to uncover founds from illegal source.

         Contact us and reserve as soon as possible your spot in the most important Conference in Latin-Americana. 

                          Improve your understanding, expand your compliance capacity and effectiveness. 
Do not wait any longer to increase your training and professional development. Come and join us… You are welcome to share ideas, experiences, questions and comments that you can use against money laundering, fraud and risk in means of payment.



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