Alejandro Rebolledo

Alejandro is a Lawyer graduated from Santa Maria University specialized in Criminal Law. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and a doctorate in Judicial Sciences with a Criminal Law concentration. He is an undergraduate and graduate professor at Santa Maria University and earned a CAMS certification. He was a Special consultant for the Investigation Committee on Money Laundering and Corruption at the former Venezuelan Congress (now National Assembly). He is Executive Coordinator of the National Commission against the Illegal Use of Drugs. He is an instructor for the CAMS Exam; He is also professor at the University of Louisville. He has been an international lecturer about Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and other related issues. He is consults for several public and private companies. He is certified by the National Anti-Drugs Office under No: 001


Policies and procedures for administration of risk of money laundering and financing terrorism. Importance and consequences

Andres Eduardo Ormaza Mejia

Bachelor of Law from the Santo Tomas of Aquino University. Colombia. Specialist in criminal law and crimninology from the Externado University of Colombia. Expert for the LAPLAC of the UNODC and Coordinator for the Regional Model Law on Forfeiture. He worked at the General Direction of the International Affairs, Direction of the Fight against narcotics Policy. He is a legal expert of the GAFISUD. He is member of the OEA Technical Group; Instructor in the Training Course on Evaluation Methodology for the GAFIC recommendations against money laundering and terrorist financing. He developed the study of international legal framework on the bill conceived in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and that led to the adoption of Act 1273 of 2009.

Regional Model Law on Domain Extinction

Patrick O'Callaghan

Dr. Patrick O'Callaghan is mathematician from Queen's University of Belfast, Diploma in Computing from Cambridge University and PhD from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. For more than 25 years he was professor at Simón Bolívar University, founder of the computer department and coordinator of the Computer Engineering career. He has been awarded as best professor of Simón Bolívar University. Dr. Patrick O'Callaghan has been adviser for United Nation Development Programme, and Inter-American Development Bank. He has been invited to conferences in Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. Is a senior member of the IEEE. Currently, Patrick O'Callaghan is Corporative Director of technology of Inteligensa Group.


OTP Authentication System. Solution to avoid fraud in Internet banking

Rafael Nuñez

Over 9 years on experience in the area of Information Security. Deputy Director of the Counter Paedophilia Investigative Unit (www.CPIU.us). Founder of www.EnfoqueSeguro.com. Editorial Consultant for "El-Nacional.com", Director of InteliCorp: (www.InteliCorps.com). Coordinator of Forensics Computing for CANTV Telecommunications - 2003-2006, Information Security Manager for: Bolivar Bank and BanPro. 2006-2007, Training at the France Institute- Hack Academy, Paris France, 2001.Sans Insitute, GIAC Track 8. Las Vegas, USA, 2004. EC-Council - CEH V4.0 Venezuela. Caracas Venezuela. 2007,International Lecturer at BSecure México DF. 2007,PoliGram, Colombia 2006, Security Summit 07, Argentina, International Universities


Wikileaks and the information leaks

Juan Lorenzo Santos

He is a lawyer graduated from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, has a Master of Law at George Washington University (Washington DC) and an MBA from Florida International University. Expert Certified Anti-Money Laundering (CAMS). He was a compliance manager of American Express Bank and prior compliance officer for Commercebank Financial Institutions. He began his career as a consultant to the law firm Diaz Reus & LLP. He has been author and speaker in many international conferences in the area of money laundering and other financial crimes. Currently he is Director and Financial Advisor for Global Vector Group WMG in the U.S.


Correspondent Banking: Risks and fraud

Pablo Saenz Padilla

Litigation Legal Director and Compliance officer for the Inbursa Group, where he also is responsable directly of money laundering detection and prevention committees inside the financial group.  He is responsible too of the preparation, instrumentation, development of AML general policies, as well as preventives mechanisms.  Mr. Saenz is an international lecturer and well known internationaly as an expert on related subjects such as ML/TF and other financial crimes.


Today world impact of money laundering

Rafael Alfonso Villalba Gomez

He is a Computer Engineer, graduated from the Fermin Toro University, Venezuela. He is also a graduate in: Professional Development Program - Mercantil Financial Services (IESA). Program IT Essentials I at Los Andes University. Fundamentals of Operational Excellence. UCAB. Advanced Operating ODP program. Cisco. Networking Academy Program (CCNA). He has a specialization in: Harvard Negotiation Model, Cambridge International Consulting; Advanced Fraud Management, Academy of Risk Management, MasterCard; Configuration, operation and management of AM1 PLUS, ADM-16 / 1 COMPACT and ADM-16 / 1 LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, Colombia; ACT Networks and multiplexers Prevention and Control of Capital. His experience is focused on investigating the different types of risk and fraud affecting the products used in electronic channels that have the financial institutions, such as: ATMs, Point of Sales, Merchant Server, Online Banking, Online Stores, etc.

Fraud impact on Electronic Payment Systems. Causes and consequences. Modalities of fraud in the region

Saskia Rietbroek

Lawyer from Leiden University, Netherlands, degree validated at the University La Catolica de Lima, Peru. She has practiced civil and commercial law at Muñiz, Ramirez, Perez-Taiman & Luna.  Victoria Abogados, in Peru, registered in the Lima´s Lawyer Collage.  She is partner of AML Services Internacional, LLC, Miami, FL and Lima, Peru. Mrs. Rietbroek was Executive Director Founder of ACAMS, PEPDbase consultant board. She also was Fiserv Fraud & Compliance financial crime consultant in the United States and “Fortune 500”. She has an Internacional MBA from the Florida International University and speaks 5 languages. She frecuently participates in seminars and conferences about anti-money laundering.


Interactive game of prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing

Pedro Lopez

He has a Bachelor degree on Certified Public Accounting at the Central University of Venezuela. Expert on Integral Prevention and Control System to minimize risks associated to money laundering, code of ethics, training programs, evaluation and control about products and instruments vulnerable, and the creation of alert tools to detect unusual or suspicious transactions. He was compliance officer at BANAVIH and Banco Exterior. He also worked at the Banco Empresarial as Internal Audit Manager and Operations Manager, at the Fondo de Construccion as Administration and Control Operations Manager; at the Banco Profesional as Chief of Accountability; and at Banco Consolidado he was Accountability Analyst and foreign exchange market Operator. He designs and executes Annual Operative Plans in its four elements: Integral Prevention, Money Laundering Prevention, Training Programs and Monitoring Programs in accordance to the Superintendence guidance. He is a professor and international lecture with expertise in money laundering prevention subjects

Learning about the implementation of integral systems of risks administration  

Luis Bogantes
Costa Rica

He is Director of Operative risks at Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, he combines his professional experience with his banking knowledge on prevention and risks management, through the application of matrixes, mapping and qualitative and quantitative management of risks inherent to financial institutions. He is also member of the Directive Board of the Compliance Officers Committee from the Banking Association of Costa Rica. He is an international CAMS lecturer with a Certification from CFATF as an instructor on ML prevention.


Report suspicious operations and management of operative risk and legal in commercial relationship continuity

Milthon J. Chavez

Specialization and Master of Forensic Sciences (Thesis: Unlawful Computer) (IUPOLC). PhD in Integrated Security and Development Office (in thesis area: Geopolitics, Security and Information Technology). He has these certifications: CISA (Certified Information System Auditor); CISM (Certified Information Security Management); CIFI (Certified Information Forensic Investigator); ISO27001LA (Leader Auditor); CGEIT (Certified in Governance of the Enterprise IT); Accredited Auditor of PSCE (Venezuela); CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control). He has expertise of more tan of 25 years as advisor for different national and international organizations. He leads projects in areas such as assessment and detection of informatics crime, Study of the cybercrime subject characteristics and the impact of the new technologies on the organization security. He also leads consultancy and training plans. He worked at the information and computing center of the USB, on different IBM areas including Process Security, and he is also an independent consultant since 1989.

Information security, risk, fraud, Audit and technology  


William Martinez Jimenez

He is a lawyer graduated from Pontificia Bolivariana University of Medellin Colombia, has a background in Military Science at the Military School of Cadets General Jose Maria Cordova, is a retired officer in the grade of lieutenant. He has working in Bancolombia since 1991 on means of payment, specifically in cards and Establishments, where he was responsible for control and prevention of fraud, generation and delivery of cards and service level management, among others. Has participated in fraud prevention and was speaker in the panel of experts at the first Latin American Conference on Security and Fraud Control, organized by MasterCard in Mexico


Risk Management on credit cards

Heiromy Castro
Dominican Republic

Heiromy Castro in an economist and has a Master of Business Administration and Diploma in Financial Management and Strategic Planning. He has 18 years experience in the financial sector. Currently, he works as Serious Fraud adviser for Dominican Republic Superintendence of Banks; he represents his country in The National Committee against money laundering. He is the president of Acams in Dominican Republic. He has been director of the financial intelligence department of Dominican Republic Superintendence of Banks; also, he is a financial evaluator for GAFI.  Heiromy Castro is co author of two important books about money laundering: “Dogmatic, Criminology and procedural aspects of money laundering” and “Money Laundering: a new investigation model”   


The present and the future of Money Transmitters companies and the new standards

Milton Méndez Falcón
Puerto Rico

Milton is a lawyer and fraud researcher, Bachelor of Law from the Puerto Rico University. His experience started investigating corruption cases of grate complexity for Puerto Rico government. Later, he participated in investigation of fraud to financial institutions. He has been speaker, in Puerto Rico and abroad, talking about money laundering, corporate ethics and fraud. He has trained members and and boards of different banks; also to the Cooperative Movement and the anti-fraud community of Puerto Rico. He is the director of Continuing Education, Puerto Rico chapter, of the Association of Certificated Fraud Examiners since 2008. He is a university professor in subjects such as Forensic Accountability and Fraud Investigation. Currently, Milton Méndez Falcón is Compliance Manager of Caracas International Banking, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He actively participates in conferences about fraud, transparency, money laundering prevention, public politics, security and compliance in Puerto Rico and abroad. 

Measurement and control of non-systematic risk: instrumentation techniques and tools, policies and implementation of anti-money laundering processes 

Victoria H. Figge-Cederkvist

Founder and owner of BERG Associates (Latin America) Inc. She has fifteen years experience in Reaseguros in international trade, and Publications, Miami University, both in the United States. She is advisor and professor in prevention and detection of money laundering and Terrorist Financing areas in Central America, Panamá, Ecuador y Argentina. Also, she is certified consultant for the Global Pact of Panamá. She was co-president of the official commission in charge of design policies and laws to detect and prevent money laundering. Victoria H. Figge-Cederkvist has been speaker of several international conferences held in The UN and Canada, among other places.

Corruption and risks – Which is the PEP role?    

Juan Miguel del Cid Gómez

Economist graduated from Granada University and Bachelor of Economic Science form Malaga University. PhD in Economic Science. Professor of the PhD program “International legislation for economic financial control”. Member of the Spanish group of experts of the European Union – Delivering Excellence in Financial Investigation. He has written books such as “International money laundering: How to detect it and prevent it”,"A Financial Profile of the Terrorism of Al-Qaeda and its Affiliates Part I". Part II. Perspectives on Terrorism.

Prevention and investigation of fraud in companies: approach to the risk for external accountants and fiscal advisers

Ignacio G. Fernández M.

He obtained Bachelor Degree from Simón Bolívar University, specialized in Financial Resources. President of the Compliance Officers committee of Venezuela's Chamber of Insurances companies. Currently, he is Compliance Officer of the prevention and control Unit of Mercantil Insurance.  Ignacio G. Fernández is especialist in control and prevention programs, risks administration, professor and international speaker in conferences about money laundering and terrorism financing . 

Strategies to prevent fraud in insurances companies

Yuri Alexander Marroquín
United States

Systems Engineer with more than 20 years experience in banking systems. Consulter for NCR AT&T corporation in systems and  automatization process. He worked for GBM-IBM as specialist in banking industry and as E-business manager. He has experience in implementing financial systems of banking automatization, electronic payment electronic channels and technological and telecommunications   infrastructure. He has been speaker in events organized by FELEBAN, banks associations of different countries and other Latin-American organizations specialized in anti laundering money prevention, operational risks and information safety. Currently, he is vice president of the marketing and sales department of Plus Technologies.  

Better practices to automatize the strategies to avoid money laundering under a multiple legislation scheme

Julio César Camejo Castillo
Dominican Republic

Julio César Camejo Castillo is Bachelor Degree in Law (Cum Laude) from the Pontificia Católica Madre y Maestra Univertsity (PUCMM) in Dominican Republic. 1995. He has a PhD in Business Law and economic legislation from PUCMM, Dominican Republic, 1998. He has a diplomat in strategic penal litigation from Alberto Hurtado University in Chile, 2007. He has specialized mostly in cases related with financial risks and frauds; litigation in working, administrative and liability fields, environment issues and collection of legal debts.


Money laundering like independent infraction: Exception to presumption of innocence

Roberto Sánchez

Roberto Sánchez received his Bachelor`s degree of Computer Science from the Nueva Esparta University. He has more than 18 years experience in information technology field. He attended the Management Program from The Institute of Superiors Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela. He started in Pricewaterhouse Coopers – Venezuela in 1997 and he was admitted as partner in the management consulting service line in 2006, he lead security and information area. He has been speaker in national and international events about information and security. In 1998 he participated in curses of Penetration Testing.  

Regulations and better practices to prevent fraud in electronic payments: PCI DSS 2.0

Institute For Professional Studies