Alejandro Rebolledo

He is a Lawyer graduated from Santa Maria University specialized in Criminal Law, specialized in Criminalistics. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and a Master’s Degree in Criminalistics; he has a doctorate in Judicial Sciences with a Criminal Law concentration. He is an undergraduate and graduate professor at Santa Maria University and earned a CAMS certification. He is a former Special consultant for the Investigation Committee on Money Laundering and Corruption at the extinct Venezuelan Congress (now National Assembly). He is a former Executive Coordinator of the National Commission against the Illegal Use of Drugs. He is an instructor for the CAMS Exam. He was a Deputy of the Legislative Assemblyof the Aragua State. Former judge of Venezuela. He is also professor at the University of Louisville. He has been an international lecturer about Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and other related issues. He is consults for several public and private companies in the Prevention of Money Laundering.He is certified by the National Anti-Drugs Office under No: 001. He is the editor of Antilavadodedinero.com and Antimoneylaundering.us, Director of the Law Firm Alejandro Rebolledo & Associates.

Strategies and tools for Fraud Prevention.

Francisco Ruíz Escobar


Risk management model of money laundering from the NES program of the UNODC: A tool of the good corporate governance.

Julio César Pineda

The law and the new transnational crimes.

Ricardo Gómez
United States

Lawyer graduated from the Escuela Libre de México, Master in International and Comparative Law (University of Miami), and he is a Certified Anti Money Laundering. He has over 15 years as a consultant in the United States and in Latin America, on the Bank Secrecy Act ("BSA"), Patriot Act of the United States, OFAC regulations, AML regulatory framework of Latin American countries the realization of the BSA/AML in banking institutions, stock exchanges, insurance companies and in monetary services(businesess "MSB"), and AML compliance reviews y and risk assessments evaluations of foreign financial institutions with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has coordinated teams from the GAFI and the retired agents of the IRS and FBI in projects “look back”. He has performed due diligence investigations of entities and individuals located in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. He is an ACAMS member from Sputh Florida. AMLAC - Fight against Money Laundering,Mexican Banking Attorneys. FIBA. SFGRC - Latin America and the Caribbean. American Bankers Association (ABA). Financial Crime Alert. Global Compliance & AML., among others. He`s an international speaker.

High Risk Clients: Research, analysis and evolution of suspicious activities in banks.

Institute For Professional Studies