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Third EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
The Third EU Directive on Prevention of the Use of the Financial System for the Purpose of Money Laundering, following on from the first and the second directives in 1991 and 2001 was passed in 2005.

Preventing Terrorists from Raising, Moving, and Using Funds
To assist financial institutions in combating terrorist financing, jurisdictions must adopt certain measures. These include implementing targeted financial sanctions programmes, protecting vulnerable sectors including the charitable sector and money-service businesses, and encouraging effective reporting of suspicious activity.

Broad Organizational Requirements for Terrorism
Financially maintaining a terrorist network or a specific cell to provide for recruitment, planning and procurement between attacks represents the most significant drain on resources.

ML Risks Associated with Carbon Emissions Trading Schemes
From: APG Yearly Typologies Report 2010. Methods and Trends of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Use of the internet and new payment technologies
There are the techniques apply through new payment technologies registered by AUSTRAC

Alternative remittance services and underground banking
These techniques were reported to the UIF in Australia AUSTRIAC.

International Respond to Terrorism Financing
This section begins by explaining the logic of disrupting terrorist financing and then describes how the international community has developed and applied international standards to combat the various sources, conduits and uses of terrorist financing.

Moving Terrorist Funds
The multiplicity of organisational structures employed by terror networks, the continuing evolution of techniques in response to international measures and the opportunistic nature of terrorist financing all make it difficult to identify a favoured or most common method of transmission.

Raising Terrorist Funds
Terrorist organisations may raise funds through: legitimate sources, including through abuse of charitable entities or legitimate businesses and self-financing, criminal activity, state sponsors and activities in failed states and other safe havens.

Tontines: How can be misused for informal micro-finance schemes
A tontine is an age-old traditional system of financing small projects such as small retail businesses, small farming, health and education schemes. The system consists of a group of people, generally women, coming together and agreeing on how much to contribute and when each member benefits from the scheme.

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