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Why Bitcoin Faces an Uphill Battle in the Remittance Market
One of the most routinely cited use cases for bitcoin is in the international remittance market the financial sector worth over $500bn a year that specializes in facilitating transactions across borders at a markup that reduces the total money sent by 9% on average.

Digital Ad Fraud Is Rampant. Here's Why So Little Has Been Done About It
When top digital-advertising executives descended on Palm Desert, Calif., last month for the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Annual Leadership Meeting, one topic dominated conversation from start to finish: fraud.

Card Breaches Pose Greatest Fraud Risk
A new identity fraud study shows that consumers who are victims of a payment card breach are at greater risk of fraud than victims of other types of breaches, says Al Pascual of Javelin.

Selling second-hand memory cards online could bring serious risk of identity fraud
Security researchers say Australians who sell second-hand memory cards online are at serious risk of identity fraud.

Combating risks
Financial institutions and professionals can no longer choose to ignore the abuse of their products and services for criminal gains, says Reserve Bank of Fiji deputy governor Inia Naiyaga.

Invest in money thats virtually not real
A co-founder of China's biggest Bitcoin exchange on Friday said there were "boundless opportunities" for the digital currency in the country because of the Chinese saving ethic.

Assessing the risk of money laundering in your business
If your business is regulated by the Money Laundering Regulations you must assess the risk that it could be used for money laundering, including terrorist financing.

LinkedIn's new mobile app puts your data at risk
Security researchers are calling LinkedIn's new mobile app, Intro, a dream come true for hackers or intelligence agencies.

IRS seeing spike in identity theft cases
Tax time is around the corner, and the Internal Revenue Service says it has seen a "huge spike" in cases of identity theft.

Overseas hackers nab more than 1TB of data daily
A new report shows that the recent wave of cyberattacks on the U.S. are coming from a highly sophisticated group of hackers that are most likely state-sponsored.

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