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Institute for Professional Studies INC
Alejandro Rebolledo

This is a web page developed by the Institute for Professional Studies, which offers to professionals from the economic and financial sectors the tools they need everyday to prevent and control money laundering and counter terrorism financing.

Given criminal organizations do not rest and are constantly studying new ways to turn your company into their accomplice without your consent, antimoneylaunderig.us shall give you the most updated tool to prevent this crime.     

antimoneylaunderig.us possesses different sections, each one of them thought so you can find the information you require.

We do not have only interviews and the best AML experts articles, but also we count with the most updated reports published by international organizations that always debate and establish new initiatives against this crime.

We are the most updated tool in the market on money laundering prevention.    

  It publishes everyday news about the last information and decisions taken about this matter; interviews and prevention and control articles design and written by the most recognized experts in this subject or special reports of others allied media around the world. We also offer information about terminology called training resources, which allow to our readers and subscribers to obtain the knowledge they required in this field. We have more than 300 AML and CFT legislations from all countries; typologies that make easer for financial employees to identified the crime or suspicious activities.

  Our more value contend are the investigations developed about relevant ALM, TF, fraud, ponzi schemes, corruption cases among others in which besides of make a clear chronology we also add documents from court rooms, official reports and more.  


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